Constantly looking for the best way to tackle your research project, we propose the following methods:

our quantitative methods
These methods allow to discovers, describe and quantify consumption behaviour and attitudes: market shares, penetration of brands, services or products, satisfaction, loyalty and migration of clients ..

CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviews)
CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviews)
CAWI (Computer Aided Web Interviews)
Paper and Pencil
our qualitative methods
Qualitative research follows the objective to discover the reasons of consumption behaviour and explores values, beliefs, attitudes, drivers and blockers and complex decision and buying processes.

In-depth face-to-face exploration
Biotic observation, tracking and scouting
Situational exploration
our dynamic methods.
A lot of private corporations, believing in contemporary marketing, integrate consumers and clients into their strategic development. We use applied creativity and group dynamics in solution finding processes to improve your products, services, concepts and action plans

Discussion groups
Biotic groups
Mystery shopping
Creative workshops